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Residential Products

Home Elevators of Texas offers a variety of lifts and elevators for residential use. Our products range from stairway chairlifts, residential wheelchair lifts and Home Elevators, to dumbwaiters, ceiling-mounted patient lift systems, and garage attic lift systems to make your home more accessible and convenient.

Our personalized approach to helping you find the best product for your needs ensures you receive best value and the satisfaction of knowing you made the right choice.

If you are home owner, an architect, contractor, specifier or building owner, Home Elevator of Texas can help you determine the best product and model for your particular application.

  • Residential Luxury Elevators

    Residential Elevators are an attractive custom home feature which enable you to move between the levels of your home in style and grace. Residents who include an elevator in their home plans realize increased resale marketability and property value. Residential elevators are also the premier accessibility solution for anyone who is unable to manage stairs […]

  • Residential Platform/Wheelchair Lifts

    Vertical and inclined wheelchair lifts make it possible for you to live an active and independent lifestyle both inside and away from your home. Designed to carry a wheelchair user from one level to another, vertical lifts travel from heights of just a few inches, up to fourteen feet and inclined wheelchair lifts can exceed […]

  • Residential Stairlifts

    At Home Elevator of Texas, we know that living an active and independent lifestyle means having the freedom to perform your daily routine with ease. That’s why we offer a range of stairlifts from a selection of the finest stairlift manufacturers that allow you to move easily between the levels of your home in style and […]

  • Residential Dumbwaiters

    Designed to carry everything from delicate glassware to luggage, laundry, firewood or groceries, Home Elevator of Texas material lifting devices offer convenience and flexibility at an affordable price. Available in wood, steel and stainless steel cars, our dumbwaiters accommodate up to a 500 lb. capacity. Roll top gates and shelves are available on all wood […]

  • Residential Patient Lifts

    Home Elevator of Texas offers a wide range of Lift & Care Systems for both residential and commercial markets. Private consumers enjoy the versatility and independence from a wide range of lift & care solutions for both self & attendant care. Commercial users in schools, businesses, hospitals and related facilities enjoy the quality and ease […]

  • Residential Elevators

    Home Elevators add convenience and ease of mobility to private living spaces. Residential elevators are an attractive custom home feature! Home Elevator of Texas residential elevators are an affordable access solution, providing optimum convenience and freedom. Our elevator systems come in a variety of sizes to fit your budget and needs, accommodating as few as […]

  • Residential Attic Lifts

    Our garage attic lifts are a powerful electric lift that takes your home organization and storage to the next level. You can move garage clutter to your attic and out of sight with push-button ease! Occasional use of items like ice chests and luggage do not have to take up valuable floor space. You can […]

  • Residential Elevator Pricing

    We have prepared three typical home elevator packages ranging from the basic “Silver” package to the fully-featured “Platinum” package. To get prices on any of these packages, enter your email below and request pricing from our automated system. If you are in another installer’s trade area, we will send you contact information for the Symmetry […]