Residential StairliftResidential Stair Lifts

At Home Elevator of Texas, we know that living an active and independent lifestyle means having the freedom to perform your daily routine with ease.

That’s why we offer a range of stair lifts (sometimes called stairway lifts, chairlifts, or seat lifts)  that allow you to move easily between the levels of your home in style and comfort. This amazing access solution means you can enjoy the home you’ve grown to love, rather than relocate.

Our stair lifts combine elegant design with superior craftsmanship to deliver a comfortable and secure ride. The operation controls are conveniently located to let you activate your lift with the simple touch of a button. When you reach your desired landing, the seat swivels 90 degrees to move you away from the stairs. The unit then locks into place so that you are free to stand and go about your day.

When not in use, the seat and footrest fold up conveniently and compactly, allowing everyone in your home plenty of room to travel the stairs. Home Elevator of Texas also offers a variety of chair colors and seat fabrics, for seamless blending with your home’s décor.

Whether your staircase is straight, curved or spiral, Home Elevator of Texas can custom build a stairway lift to fit your needs. We also offer recycled lifts and rental lifts.

Whether you are an architect, contractor, specifier or building owner, Home Elevator of Texas can help you determine the best model for your particular application. Call us at 1-866-349-2015, or e-mail us at